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About Xerox - Printers, Scanners & Supplies

Printers and copiers do exactly what their names suggest, but they both share a requirement for ink or toner. And with the name Xerox attached to them, they're often regarded as more reliable. Whether it's a Xerox copier or printer, the machine incorporates decades of experience in designing office equipment. Being responsible for the first photocopier does carry a certain level of prestige, and while you're more likely to find the original 914 in a museum, eBay's reliable sellers have plenty of its refurbished descendants and their toners available for perusal. Most standard devices operate in black and white in keeping with their utilitarian approach, but some, like the DocuColor, also incorporate color reproduction into their design. Picking the right machine for your needs is key, since that will determines the kind of toner required to keep it working. Xerox has broadened the capabilities of their equipment over the years, but they maintain the reliability and utility that made them famous.