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About Xenon H7

A xenon H7 bulb replaces your existing halogen bulb with the power of plasma to give you brighter, longer-lasting light. One concern with standard headlights is the filament, the fragile thread that gives off light. As you drive, vibration takes its toll on every component in your car, and sometimes that filament breaks along with your headlight. With H7 HID bulbs, a plasma arc produces the light, as electricity passes across a gap between two electrodes. Not only does this produce more illumination than halogen, it also lasts longer because it takes the most fragile component out of the equation. Install a xenon HID kit of the type that you can easily find from one of the reliable sellers on eBay and you will enjoy brighter light with more reliability. Replace your halogen H7 with a xenon H7 bulb and you will not have to worry about a filament breaking the next time you find yourself on a bumpy road at night.