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About Xenon H4 Lights

With the Xenon H4, you can practically turn night into day. But the best use for powerful H4 xenon lights is on the front of vehicles that need high intensity beams to cut through moonless nights and dank, foggy air. An H4 HID bulb emits intense white light derived from a gas-electrical reaction occurring inside the bulb. Unlike halogen lights that diminish after less than 300 hours, xenon lights can produce unwavering illumination for ten times that lifespan. Not only do users get more bang for their buck, they also remain assured that their high intensity discharge lights will work when they need them the most. To ensure production of the arc that carries the gas inside of the bulb, manufacturers use high-grade materials to construct the protective ballast, which represents a vital part of a Xenon light source. Light up the sky by ordering a Xenon H4 online at eBay, where reliable sellers offer new bulbs and H4 HID kits at affordable prices.