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About Xena

Feeling nostalgic for the '90s and missing your weekly fix of "Xena Warrior Princess"? Thanks to the technological era and the effort of a few million Xenites just like yourself, you don’t have to. Perhaps because many of the reliable sellers on eBay understand your pain, there are loads of new or vintage "Xena Warrior Princess" props, including action figures, posters, and jewelry. Many of these items are collectible and in mint condition. Plus, you can find DVD editions of the series, and even a number of older VHS copies. Looking to dress up? Get a hard-to-find Amarice, Gabrielle, or Xena costume for the next ComicCon and show your ship pride. Don’t forget the chakram. Pick a metallic replica piece from the show or a look-alike; both are bound to help you solidify your Cosplay look. Of course, if you choose to go as Xena herself, people will ask you to finish the debate after all. Which is it—friendship or something a bit more?