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About Xbox 360 Kinect

The kids want to play video games, but you want them to get off the couch and do something more energetic for a change. Fortunately, it is possible for all of you to get what you want, thanks to the Xbox 360 Kinect. This clever piece of technology from Microsoft acts as a motion-sensing device that transforms your entire body into a game controller. With gestures and voice commands captured by the camera, you can interact directly with Xbox 360 Kinect games without any of the button-bashing associated with traditional game controllers. Plenty of different games are available for the Kinect. As the kids channel their inner-Jedi masters with Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars, they have a great time and get some exercise. The system is easy to use, so even the youngest and oldest members of your family can participate and turn video games into an activity that brings everyone together. You can find Xbox 360 Kinect devices, games, and other accessories in new and used condition on eBay. Put down that controller and start enjoying a healthy gaming lifestyle.