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About Xbox 360 Headsets

Your position starts taking on enemy fire after you jump behind cover. You communicate with your team on your Xbox 360 headset. Before too long, your comrades have the enemy flanked, and soon you win the day. The Xbox 360 headset lets you communicate with your friends and others while on the Xbox 360 system. This includes private chat groups through the Xbox Live service or when engaging in multiplayer games, most specifically first-person shooters and other multiplayer games. You can use an Xbox 360 wireless headset to set yourself free from your wired connection for even more mobility while playing. Another good option to consider is the Xbox 360 Turtle Beach headset or one of the many other third-party headsets available, which provide superior sound over the standard headset, including stereo and surround sound. eBay offers some of the best Xbox 360 headset offerings from its many reliable sellers.