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About Xbox 360 Guitar Hero Controller

Be the rock star you have always dreamed of with the Guitar Hero game. All you need is an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero controller that is perfect for your guitar style. Trusted sellers on eBay offer a wide assortment of controllers, many of which are modeled after the cherished instruments of some of the guitar world's greatest instruments. Here you may find an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 controller in the coveted Gibson Explorer model, with a wide neck and the trademark lightning bolt-shaped body style. Perhaps, you have your sights set on an Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 3 controller in the popular Les Paul wireless model. This beauty rocks out with a long neck and features the classic cherry wood-colored, rounded Les Paul body. Most wireless Guitar Hero controllers require 2 AA batteries. Wired guitar controllers have a cord that is 6 feet long. Not only is there an excellent selection, you have flexible shipping options to suit your needs. Whichever style of Xbox 360 Guitar Hero controller you choose, you become a game master.

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