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About Xbox 360 Bundles

It?s game time is what you will say when you set up your gaming console in your living room. New and used Xbox 360 bundle systems with games and controllers are available from various reliable sellers when you shop on eBay. A winning combination of value and quality awaits when you pick up a bundle that includes games such as Resident Evil and Assassin?s Creed along with the system itself, controllers, and other extra features, like the Kinect. If you already have the console, alternative bundles, such as an Xbox 360 games bundle, gives you the chance to greatly increase your game collection for hours of endless fun. For niche gamers, themed items, like the Xbox 360 Call of Duty bundle, have features including Call of Duty: Black Ops with Modern Warfare and a system skin. Grab a new or used Xbox 360 bundle today, and turn tonight into game night. It?s on.