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About X-ray Film

When you finished up your degree in Dental Hygiene, you were well on your way to a new, rewarding career. You never thought that a few months later you would be put in charge of dental radiography at the practice where you got a job and are the one to order X-ray film and other supplies. Dental X-rays are an invaluable tool that dentists use to look at the underlying issues within teeth, including decay, infection, and other tooth abnormalities. These images are recorded on X-ray film and then studied as light is projected through them. Your boss is trusting you to make wise purchasing decisions, and you have an idea that will be beneficial. One new addition your patients will appreciate is having a high-quality X-ray illuminator in each room. An illuminator is a handy, wall-mounted X-ray viewer that allows the dentist to share the X-ray findings with the patient. You can even find recessed illuminators that blend seamlessly with the exam room's stylish decor. As you browse the broad selection of X-ray film and X-ray illuminators on eBay, go ahead and pat yourself on the back at your latest career success. You deserve it.

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