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About X-Men Costume

You may not have mutant superpowers, but you can still look ready to save the day using some superhuman skills. "X-Men" costumes let you step into your favorite superheroes shoes for a day or three. Wear an "X-Men" Wolverine costume to evoke Logan's superhuman strength, healing powers, and immortality. You can find Wolverine costumes modeled after movie interpretations of the character or the original Marvel comic version. Don an "X-Men" Storm costume and pretend you can control the weather like Ororo Munroe herself, or pretend that Kitty Pryde, Phoenix, or Rogue is your alter ego. There are lots of characters to choose from, so you can experiment with Cyclops, Nightcrawler, or Iceman. If you side with the Brotherhood of Mutants, dress up as Magneto, Mystique, or Toad. Do not forget the details; accessories, such as wigs modeled after Wolverine's, Storm's, or Mystique's hairdos, helmets, Logan's dog tags, or Wolverine blades, and help tie your costume together. Whether you want to pull out all of the stops for Halloween or you are looking for a replica costume for a comic book convention, you can find a vast inventory of adults' and kids' X-Men costumes and accessories on eBay.