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About Wyeth

The simplicity of a dog on a bed, the American Flag flying in the air, a portrait of a plain woman with braids are all characteristics of the work of the great American artist, Andrew Wyeth. Gritty and realistic, the muted neutral colors of his work allow you to look deep into the objects of the painting and see the beautiful simplicity of them. Imagine you are a little girl with polio. You are unable to walk or ever leave home. You are placed in the field of grass as your only venture outside the home. The wind is blowing your hair. The grass is blowing and trickling your legs. You can see your farmhouse home in the distance. The feelings of that moment are something that anyone would love to have captured. Wyeth did just that when he painted "Christina’s World". Want to see the original painting? Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Want to own it? Purchase a signed Andrew Wyeth print of the famous work of art from a reliable seller on eBay!