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About WWF Hasbro

Every Saturday night your father would have the television tuned to wrestling to catch the greats battling it out on Saturday Nights Main Event. As a young fanatic, you owned WWF Hasbro action figures of your favorites and a few of the unsavory characters to beat up on. Now, the WWF has become the WWE, the talents are different but the excitement is all the same. As you watch and enjoy the action with your child, you decide to introduce them to the pioneers of wrestling. With a quick click, you are on eBay searching through various WWF Hasbro lots, which include a plethora of used figures that your kid is sure to enjoy. Greats like Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior, Big Boss Man, and the Million Dollar Man are just a few of the wrestlers that are available. To go along with the lot of wrestlers, you snag a WWF Hasbro ring, which will allow the little wrestling fan in your house to replicate the action seen on TV. Relive the spectacle that is the WWF in your home with action figures and accessories from WWF Hasbro toys.