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About WWE Tables

In 2010, fans were introduced to a new event in wrestling: WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. This event allowed let wrestlers legally use tables, ladders, and chairs in their wrestling matches. These events had fans glued to their television sets and children wanting to reenact their favorite match with action figures and breakaway tables. Collectors can appreciate the detailing on the announcer sets. The announcer tables come with microphones, monitors, and even headgear. Imagine the kind of chaos and damage your Hulk Hogan could do to the Undertaker when he brings an announcer chair into the ring. To add more accessories to your match, you can go on eBay and search for a WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs lot, which includes items like casts, tires, gurneys, and x-rays. Your collection of WWE action figures can tell a complete story, from the moment your wrestlers enter the ring to the moment when one of them is carried out on a gurney because a table was broken over his back. Who knew wrestling could be so dangerous to tables?