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About WW1 German

World War I was known as "the war to end all wars," the conflict that engulfed the great powers of the world in one of the most significant battles of modern history. Your passion for this period in history is shown in your impressive collection of World War I memorabilia, including WWI German field gear. Authentic World War I German artifacts are available on eBay for you to explore to supplement your collection. For example, an original WWI German helmet is impressive, made of leather with the recognizable silver spike and eagle on the front of the helmet. There is also a wide selection of WWI German medals such as the Iron Cross, and some of these medals come with the original ribbons. Other medals include the Ludwig Cross, the Hindenburg Cross, and the Imperial German Wurttemberg Silver Medal for Military Merit. Groupings of medals along with photographs and military documents are offered in complete sets to give a fuller picture of the soldier's story. Check out the impressive collection of WWI German artifacts available on eBay, and you will not be disappointed.