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About Wurlitzer Jukeboxes

Common sights in the 1950s, Wurlitzer jukeboxes remain ready to provide a soundtrack for those crucial moments that become lifelong memories. Today's models feature handy upgrades to make them user-friendly and modern, though they still look very much like the jukeboxes in the diners of past eras. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find the music players themselves, plus helpful parts such as stands and amplifiers. Some older models even include the records that originally came with the Wurlitzer jukeboxes. This is helpful for creating an authentic experience, especially if you do not have an extensive record collection of your own yet. Alternatively, go with a Wurlitzer CD jukebox that lights up and looks like a traditional jukebox, but plays your favorite CDs instead of records. These make great gifts for music lovers who always reminisce about the fun of enjoying music from a jukebox. If lack of space is a concern, get a Wurlitzer mini jukebox that fits easily on a tabletop and plays cassettes. Some also have built-in radios. Thanks to these cool choices, jukeboxes are almost as accessible today as decades ago, showing that they are truly able to stand the test of time.