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About Wu Tang

Sometimes life gets rough around the edges and you need to "Protect Ya Neck," along with the rest of your body, from both bad weather and bad fashion. The Wu Tang label distills the powerfully influential music of the Wu Tang Clan into a fashion ethos as much about style and presentation as it is about the roots of rap music in the ghettos of America's great cities. The Clan's uneven wing logo decorates items, like Wu Tang hats, which serve to immediately show your connection to their music, a performance platform that has launched dozens of careers over the years. Wu Tang hoodies connect more directly to the roots of the groups performers, like RZA who grew up in poverty and struggled with a life of petty crime before pursuing his musical talents brought him into success and the friendship of the group. These clothes are symbols of pride and allegiance to a group that has helped to define American culture. You can find Wu Tang clothes through the vast inventory of promotional clothes on eBay.