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About WRX Trunks

You tried to convince your road trip companion that too much had been shoved into the trunk and that WRX trunks should not be jumped up and down on in order to close them over massive piles of luggage. Now you are looking at that same luggage sitting on the sidewalk and a trunk lid that is both dented and no longer capable of closing. Replacing your trunk lid ensures that what you keep inside is protected and dry, that your vehicle is compliant with regulations, and that you do not have to wrap the back of your car in duct tape to keep the trunk lid closed. Find a lid that matches the color of your vehicle for a seamless effect, or let a new trunk lid be the beginning of a restoration and repainting project to ensure that it works with the look of your vehicle. WRX trunk spoilers are an attention-catching way to show off your personal style and put an attention-catching finishing touch on your vehicle. Explore the vast inventory on eBay for WRX trunks and replacement components to restore the appearance and functionality of your vehicle.