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About WRX Struts

When your WRX struts and shocks need replacing, your car can start to feel more like an amusement ride than the smooth, reliable machine you know and love. Poor steering response, swaying when you are changing lanes, excessive vehicle bounce, a "nose dive" motion when braking, and uneven tire wear are all signs that these components need attention. Look for heavy-duty STI hardened strut top mounts that can handle high cornering and damping forces with ease. Meanwhile, rubber tops combined with upgraded mounts make for a quiet, smooth ride with top-notch suspension. The vast inventory on eBay includes single struts as well as packages of four or two, so whether you are looking to replace front, rear, left, or right struts, you can be sure to find what you need. Many models available also include spring assemblies, and many feature externally accessible adjustable dampening, allowing you to customize your driving experience in minutes without having to lift your car or take off the tires. Find your perfect WRX struts and add as little — or as much — bounce to your ride as you would like.