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About Wrist Braces

Walking the neighbor's Great Dane was fun until it saw a cat. Now you are in a wrist brace for two weeks, and the dog is still happily chasing feline menaces to society. Wrist accidents happen even to those who are not so adventurous. Typing for hours on end or a simple slip on the stairs can all lead to injuries that require the use of a wrist brace. Carpal tunnel wrist braces keep the wrist in a comfortable position and promote good circulation, which helps alleviate the tingling and numbness that CTS sufferers experience. Other wrist injuries may require a combination wrist-thumb brace. These immobilize the wrist and thumb at the same time. Spraining a wrist is no fun, but a good brace helps life go on as usual. Find a wide selection on eBay of new and used braces and splints for the wrist available with convenient shipping options.