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About Wringers

Laundry day: the drudgery of load after load into the washer, then into the dryer - it could not be worse. Oh yes it can; just ask your grandma about what laundry day was like with a wringer machine in the mix. These are antiques now, but back in the day, a wringer washing machine was the height of laundry technology. These machines were wheeled up to a stationary tub and filled with hot soapy water. Clothes were agitated for as long as deemed necessary, and when they were done, you pulled them out piece by piece and ran them through a wringer to squeeze the water out. The clothes then went into clean water for rinsing, usually twice, with a trip through the antique wringer after each rinse cycle. Then, of course, the wet clothes were hauled up from the basement to be hung on a clothes line outside. If this sounds like fun, you might be able to find a working model from the reliable sellers on eBay. But chances are, if you want one of these, it will be for the nostalgia factor. So, find a wringer, either on a washer or separately, that suits your decorating or collection needs. And oh yeah, do not complain to granny about your laundry day blues.