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About Worx Trimmer

If you are anything like Hank Hill from "King of the Hill," you probably hold your lawn care routine in high regard. You probably have top-of-the-line equipment like a Worx trimmer to help keep the edges of your lawn crisp and neat. We all know that your lawn might be impeccably trimmed, but if the grass is overgrown on the sidewalk, it can completely ruin the look. If that ever happens, just reach for your cordless trimmer, and you can quickly finish the job of straightening the edges almost effortlessly. Because the Worx trimmer is cordless and runs off of a lithium battery, you can go the whole length of your yard, around every tree, lawn ornament, and flower garden without having to worry about running out of power. Additionally, since you will probably be carrying this trimmer all over your yard, it is lightweight enough so you will not mind the load. While the battery may last a long time in between charges, the line for the trimmer won?t. You should get a package of replacement line from eBay so you need not worry about getting half way through the job and running out of line. With Worx in your lawn care arsenal, you can be certain to have the best yard on the block.