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Worth - Softball-Slowpitches

About Worth - Softball-Slowpitches

Baseball and softball may have a lot in common, but in order to fully enjoy the game of softball, you need a true softball bat. Fortunately, the reliable sellers of eBay have plenty to go around, and some of the best softball bats on the market today come from the experts at Worth. The Worth Titan offers some of the best strength and stability in a softball bat, featuring 100 percent composite material to ensure a smooth hit and large sweet spot. The Worth Mutant provides just as much power in a two-piece composite bat for added flexibility. All Worth softball bats feature state-of-the-art hand grip technology to reduce slips and to protect from vibration upon impact with the ball. For the experienced pro softball player, or the newest member of the team, a Worth slow-pitch softball bat can bring a ton of improvement to anyone's game. Discover the wide range of new and used Worth bats on eBay and find the one that makes you a star on the diamond.