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About World's Finest

Superman flew over the villain's hideout, while somewhere in the shadows Batman lurked, waiting to make his move. A quarterly anthology, the World's Finest Comics initially featured Superman and Batman in individual stories. Due to the waning popularity of superheroes at the time, the issues were shortened. Eventually they were written into the same story, first teaming up in issue 71. Later comics saw Superman teaming up with other DC heroes. World's Finest 1 was actually called World's Best Comics. The name was changed due to another publication called Best Comics, which preceded the DC version by a year. In order to avoid any mix up or even a possible lawsuit, the change was made starting with issue number two. To widen the selection of comics for your dollar, you can buy a World's Finest lot on eBay. Also take advantage of eBay's convenient shipping options when purchasing World's Finest Comics.