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About World Series Tickets

Baseball's first World Series was held in 1903, pitting the Boston Red Sox of the American League against the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League in a best-of-nine game match. Boston won in eight games, and approximately 100,000 World Series tickets were sold. Apparently few attendees realized they were in on the beginning of a defining American experience, and only a precious few tickets still exist. Even the most feverish baseball memorabilia collectors have only seen one or two of these ticket stubs, and none have ever been authenticated for official sale. That makes it almost impossible to ever build a complete collection of World Series tickets. But that does not stop thousands from trying. Reliable eBay sellers are one the best sources for old ticket stubs. A Yankees World Series ticket is among the most popular and easiest to find since the Bronx Bombers have been in the World Series 40 times, winning 27 championships. The next most common is a Giants World Series ticket, as the franchise has made 19 trips to Fall Classic while playing in New York City and San Francisco.