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About World of Tanks

After a long day, you look forward to blowing off some steam by driving your very own M4 Sherman and blasting players from around the world. The great thing about World of Tanks, apart from the fact that it is completely free to play, is that you can drop in for a quick game anytime, without having to worry about the usual time constraints of many online games. World of Tanks has plenty of depth if you want it, in the form of training your crew and advancing to higher tier vehicles, but you can easily keep things casual by picking up some gold, the in-game currency, or pick up a game code that starts you off with a special vehicle and decent amount of gold to get a few upgrades for your tank and crew. If you are looking for a few starting options, or simply a place to pick up some codes for your friends, then browsing the large inventory on eBay is a great place to start, and you can be part of the fun before you know it.