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About Work Wheels

Wheels are an important aspect in your cars appearance; they can either attract your appreciation or turn you away. Work wheels are designed with Japanese heritage in mind, and they give you a reason to admire your car. Founded in 1977, Work is most notable for producing the Equip and Meister wheels. Equip wheels follow classic spoke designs. An Equip 03 model is a three-piece eight-spoke wheel that allows you to pair the face with a custom lip of your choice. Work Meister follows a more modern approach to the classic styled wheel; they centralize around thicker spoke designs. The Meister M1 wheel is a three-piece design that allows you to completely customize the offset and lip depth of the wheel. Work wheels are offered by trusted sellers on eBay. Work has several different sizes of wheels available for each model. Size 18 Work wheels fit larger mid-sized sedans. Size 16 Work wheels are perfect for smaller bodied coupes and compact cars. Your car is a part of who you are, and Work wheels offer the style and elegance you want to see in your car everyday.