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About Wooster - Painting Supplies & Sprayers

When it comes to renovation, there are few projects that produce more dramatic results than grabbing a new Wooster brush and a can of premium paint to give your room a fresh color can. Tackling a painting project can be daunting, but a few pro tips can make the job go much more quickly. First, make sure to choose a color that fits the room. Large rooms with high ceilings have ample room for deep jewel tones to create an elegant ambiance, while smaller rooms need daintier hues to reflect the light and make the space appear larger. The way your family uses the room also plays a role in color selection, as reds tend to ignite passion, while yellows stimulate appetite. On the other hand, blue and green hues lend an atmosphere of calm. For the best coverage, make sure to apply an appropriately tinted primer, using Wooster paint brushes and painter’s tape in the corners to create crisp, clean edges. Additionally, when choosing Wooster roller covers from reliable eBay sellers, make sure to choose a nap that’s appropriate for the wall’s texture. With a little time and effort, a drab room can look vibrant and new again, as all that it takes is a fresh coat of paint.

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