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About Wool Scarves

The perfect fashion statement for winter is not your grandmother's wool scarf. Sure, she knits one for your every year with love and care, but a modern scarf is more lightweight, fashionable, and comfortable than the long wool scarf you remember from your childhood. A Merino wool scarf is one of the most popular options because it maintains the warmth of a typical wool scarf without the bulk or itchy characteristics of wool. Merino wool is thin and soft to the touch, making it both comfortable and stylish for men and women without adding any additional bulk to your winter outfit. If you're looking for a winter scarf with a little bling, consider a wool scarf with sequins, beads, or lace embellishments. You can find new and even secondhand scarves from around the world when you shop on eBay. Do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and get a wool scarf that will make your accessories proud.