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About Wool Pants

When it comes to dressing for cold weather, most people stock up on the obvious: down jackets, gloves, fur-lined boots, and furry hats. However, they often skip over one of the most important elements ? a pair of warm and rugged wool pants. Given their abundant insulation and soft feel, it is no wonder that these humble pieces of apparel have kept outdoorsmen and women warm since the days of the Civil War. Today, wool pants still serve the same function. You can search for new and used pants offered by reliable sellers on eBay to find your perfect pair. You might find a pair of wool hunting pants, made for men and women, which come in concealing colors, such as black, tan, military green, and camouflage. With a pair of heavy wool pants, which have an extra layer of thick wool to keep skin safe from chilling winter winds, you can spend hours outdoors without having to come in from the cold.