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About Woodpecker

When you think of a woodpecker, you probably are thinking of that annoying little bird that chips away at wood. While this is indeed a woodpecker, another meaning for that term also includes a company that makes dental instruments. The Woodpecker scaler or Woodpecker ultrasonic are instruments that dentists or dental technicians use to clean teeth. A Woodpecker Dental Ultrasonic Piezo scaler has compatible EMS tips and hand pieces. The titanium alloy and piezo ceramic construction allows this device to expend less heat and remain durable. If you are going to be starting your own dental practice, or just need to replace an existing scaler, you may want to check out the new and pre-loved models found on eBay. Some models have more advanced features than others. Such as features that allow the dentist or clinician to clean teeth in an ergonomic way that reduces eye and hand fatigue plus they are easy to clean and sanitize between patients.