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About Wooden Wagons

If you are not out of the woods yet when it comes to finding perfect holiday gifts for your family, consider wooden wagons. These wagons come in many styles including antiques, toys, and functional items. Old wagons, featuring large steel or metal wheels, delicate metal axles, and a long wood handle, make nice gifts for the gardeners in your family. You can use these wagons as planters, showcasing plants, like holly, tulips, ferns, and many more. These wagons feature tall sides, deriving from softwoods like pine and cedar. You can find some with single, deep basins, ideal for displaying several large pots. Others resemble horse-drawn carriages with a smaller bench in the front and larger space in the back, ideal for displaying a large collection of plants, along with teddy bears, vines, and other decorative items. Some wagons come in solid wood, with or without finishing polishes, while you can find others hand-painted in green, red, or white. For the little ones, Radio Flyer makes classic wagons with sturdy tires and plenty of seating space for two young adventurers. A long handle facilitates pulling, and these wagons roll along with a controlled turning radius, preventing tipping, and a no-pinch ball joint that prevents pinching fingers. Thanks to the large inventory of wooden wagons on eBay, you have plenty from which to choose.