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About Wooden Oars

With wooden oars, you can row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, or anywhere you please. These oars come in light, medium, and heavy weights. You can use them in kayaks, canoes, drift boats, and dinghies. Oars come from solid woods like Douglas fir, Balsam, and other evergreens. They have a unique shape with long, single handles and elegant round barrel paddles. Laminates and polishes give oars a shiny glow. They also protect oars from environmental hazards, like grains of salt and sand, and also soften the effects of nicks and scrapes. Oars often have special finishes around their edges, thanks to extra layers of laminate or polish and reinforcing agents like metal and steel. These metals provide stability, ensuring smooth strokes. Oars come in different lengths to fit the needs of sailors and boats of all sizes. Consider an antique wooden oars to create a magnificent display in boat yards or in your summer home, next to your old sailboat. Whether your needs are functional or aesthetic, the vast inventory of wooden oars on eBay can satiate all of your needs.