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About Wooden Carvings

When decorating, creating some old-world charm can be as simple as adding a few wooden carvings to your decor. Natural materials such as stone pair well with the earthy theme, and can bring an elegant feel into any room. Place small figurines on shelves around the room to create interest, or larger wall plaques to offer a more stately atmosphere. The possibilities are limited only by your personal taste. The rich color of the wood and the unique grain patterns of carved wooden figures are brought out with wax, oil, or varnish. The materials act as sealants, closing the pores of the wood and preventing swelling from moisture. Caring for your wooden hand carved treasures from reliable eBay sellers is undemanding. If the item has been treated with a varnish, a spritz of furniture polish and a rag will remove dust quickly. Natural finishes such as wax and oil may require more meticulous care. Wax may need to be re-applied, depending on the surface and treatment on the piece. With a little care, wooden carvings can be treasures to be passed down from generation to generation.

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