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About Wooden Bowls

Add a touch of warmth and history in a modern kitchen with a well placed wooden bowl or two. These antique wooden bowls make a lovely contrast to other more contemporary design elements. Place a large one on a kitchen island or in the center of a table to hold fruit or other items. Another option is to combine a range of different sizes and place them on open shelves to stand out, especially against a light-colored wall. They come in various shapes and sizes to suit your decorating style. There's the traditional dough bowl, which is either circular or comes in an intriguing oval shape that is just slightly different. For something more eclectic, find these pieces in other shapes such as leaf-shaped or even square. Choose the perfect design and size for your home from reliable sellers on eBay. A wooden bowl is a subtle way to add a vintage look to a modern space. Find yours, and enjoy cooking in a kitchen that has a newfound rustic feel.