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About Wood Stands

A wood stand is an item that is easy to overlook, but it can really finish off a display. Often a vase or a bowl on its own is attractive enough, but it looks incomplete on a shelf. With a carved wood stand, there is a bit more interest and flair to the piece. The stand raises the piece off the shelf by an inch or two, which gives the object more presence. Often people associate these types with Asian decor, but you can also use them with other items. A piece of milk glass, for example, really stands out when placed on a wood display stand. Left on the shelf, it may blend in more with other pieces around it. Elevating the piece draws the eye more readily. When you purchase a wood stand for a particular piece, measure the diameter of the item's base to be sure it fits properly. Once you know the size of the stand you require, you can find one that is offered from the reliable sellers on eBay.