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About Wood Slabs

An ancient structural tool, wood is an essential component used in the construction of houses, buildings, and furniture. If you enjoy working with wood or want to use it in your home, wood slabs can provide you with a convenient base that you can cut into smaller sections, or use as is to form interesting furniture pieces. You can find burl, black walnut, maple, and other types of wood slabs from a vast inventory on eBay. Certain types of wood are more valued for their unique properties and one them is burl wood. Resulting from a type of malignancy in the tree, burls are formed as extensions jetting out from the tree's stems or roots. Forming unique shapes not naturally seen in regular wood slabs, burl wood slabs are highly prized. Decorate a corner of your home with these artistically formed pieces of wood. You can use these as kitchen counters or add them on a mantel. Round natural wood slabs make great coffee tables. Place two small pieces on top of metal frames and create end tables for your living room or bedroom. You can also add a larger sized rectangular slab on a frame and make a one-of-a-kind dining table. Woodworkers can take advantage of these already cut wood slabs to form different kinds of veneers, inlays, or household items.