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About Wood Fences

"Good fences make good neighbors," according to Robert Frost, and that may very well be the case with your new neighbors. If your view now consists of boats on trailers, cars on blocks, or debris all over your neighbor's lawn, then you need a wood fence. The simplest option is a standard 6-foot high wood privacy fence. Do not skimp on the materials: you can find pine fences, but pine eventually rots. Protect your investment by purchasing cedar fencing, since this kind of wood can withstand the elements. While a tall privacy fence can effectively block out all unwanted intrusions, it may make you feel a little claustrophobic. If that is the case, use more than one style fence in your yard. For example, you could use cedar privacy fences on the sides that face your neighbors, and a lower, 4-foot tall wood picket fence on the side of the yard that faces the road. Save money by searching the inventory of wood fences on eBay. With the right fence in place, there is no reason for your neighbors to make your blood pressure spike.

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