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About Wood Crafts

Layer by layer, the artist's blade shaves another thin slice from the block, until a completed carving, toy, or bowl appears ? a work of art in wood. Fine examples of woodcarving exist from the tombs of ancient Egypt, but it is likely that man has whittled wood since the invention of the stone knife. The ease of carving varies according to the type of wood. A soft wood, such as pine, is easy to carve with a sharp pocketknife. A seasoned hardwood, such as maple, walnut or ironwood, might require a lathe to cut the hard wood. Whether searching for wooden works of art, carving tools, or wood blanks, reliable sellers on eBay provide a wide selection of listings, from hand-carved toys to machine-turned bowls to exotic wood blocks. The sharp photography, detailed descriptions, and convenient shipping options make it easy to select the right wood pieces and speed them to the buyer's doorstep, ready to create a new wood masterpiece for the mantel.