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About Wonderland

These are not just your grandma’s Wonderland items. Think comic books, emo-inspired Cheshire cats, and Steampunk Cosplay designs. Lewis Carroll items have taken on a life of their own, and now you can have a piece of the magic with a variety of Alice-inspired toys, trinkets, jewelry, and other collectibles. Sure, there are plenty of iconic collectibles to choose from, such as original figurines and vintage editions of the book. However, many of the reliable sellers on eBay give access to Alice in Wonderland new and old. Don’t forget the stockpile of Disney adaptations as well. There are even inspired design lines, such as Tinker Alice and Beyond Wonderland, which take the fantasy to a whole new level. What kind of Alice item are you looking for? Decide for yourself, ask your Alice fan, or just take that little blue pill to find the right addition for any Wonderland collection.