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About Women's Tuxedo

If you see a woman in a tuxedo, you might immediately assume she's in a work uniform or just wearing it to be ironic. That?s not always the case, though. Women's tuxedo jackets are becoming stylish, and women are making it their own. Designers have tailored the jacket to fit her frame and adorned the lapels with feminine fabrics. You can find jackets with sequins or satin for a dressier look, or you may even find the jacket deconstructed and remade to be much shorter in the sleeves and the tail. For the ladies who are particularly fond of dresses, you can go on eBay and find tuxedo shirts fashioned into gorgeous dresses. The waist is cinched in to accentuate female curves, and the collar may be ruffled in the vintage tuxedo style. Like all things, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, and the possibilities are limitless. You could even make your own women?s tuxedo if you are handy with a sewing machine. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination.