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About Women's Hats

The church, back in the Middle Ages, declared that women must cover their heads, giving birth to women's hats as fashion accessories. The fashionable ladies of the nobility and gentry were not content to simply tie scarves around their heads; they instead decorated themselves with elaborate headpieces. Over time, wearing hats became less of a requirement and more of a fashion statement. The elaborate fashions of the 18th century created the need for millinery, an entire profession dedicated to hat making. Styles have changed throughout the years, but headwear is always as practical as it is fashionable. Women's winter hats help keep the head warm in the cold winter months. Summer styles shade the eyes from bright sunshine and UV rays. Whether you want to invoke Jackie Kennedy with a 1960's pillbox hat, wear a wide-brimmed style to fashion yourself as a 1940's film noir maven, or wear an elaborate Victorian number trimmed with lace and gems, you can find plenty of women's vintage hats on eBay. There are also plenty of modern women's hats available, from berets to beanies.