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About Women's Cycling Shorts

If you take cycling seriously and want to be taken seriously yourself, you have to dress the part. You need some women's cycling shorts so that people will not think you are just out to have fun. Women's cycling bib shorts are popular with cyclists. The bib part of the shorts goes over the shoulders. This eliminates chafing and discomfort at the waistline. You can also get spandex shorts or even baggy shorts. Once you choose the type of shorts you want, you need to decide if you want padded shorts. Women's padded cycling shorts are an excellent option if you plan to go on long rides or if you tend to get sore during a ride. You can get anything from thin to thick padding. The padding acts as a shock absorber, making cycling more comfortable. You can find new and used women's cycling shorts on eBay, through reliable sellers who understand the needs of serious cyclists.