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About Women's Boots Size 5

Did you know the average shoe size for women is now a siz 8? So it is no wonder that you might find it difficult to locate stylish women?s boots, size 5, that don?t look like a kid?s boot. Luckily, you realize that a great pair of boots is just a few clicks away on eBay. Leather boots are often harder to buy used because, depending on how well they were loved by the previous owner, the leather could be stretched so that they fit more like men?s size 7 instead of women?s boots, size 5. In today?s world, boots aren?t just for men anymore though. Ladies, pairing some combat boots with a short skirt looks sexy. It?s all in the way your style your outfit, so that your boots stand out and add a sassy feel to any outfit. The key to wearing boots, whether they are work boots or UGG boots, is confidence and knowing how to rock them.

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