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About Women's Trousers

Trousers, invented in the Middle Ages, include a broad category of pants that traditionally extended down to the ankle, and originally were made just for men. In the mid 20th century, however, name brands began producing women's trousers, recognizing that women were entering the corporate workforce, and bringing a sense of fashion along with them. These pants come in several styles, including flat front and pleated designs. They range in material composition too, and include casual fabrics such as denim and corduroy, as well as linen and cotton, which provide a more forgiving fit. Today you can find women's office trousers, which feature conservative, mid-waist designs and full length fits to meet corporate dress codes. If you love the feel of your new women's trousers, you can get a pair of women's casual trousers to wear around the house when the workday ends. Whatever your needs, you can search on eBay for new and used pants to meet your needs.