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About Wolverine Claws

If the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants ever comes knocking, then you are going to need the perfect costume. Wolverine claws are essential to recreating one of Marvel's most famous anti-heroes, the unsociable cigar-chomper, Wolverine. Whether you don his leather jacket and ripped jeans or his classic yellow and blue X-Men uniform, a pair of Wolverine costume claws rings of authenticity, and you might even get the satisfaction of hearing them pop into place with that trademark clicking noise. Each pair of claws is different, but many are held in cloth sleeves that extend along the wrist, and the glove-like apparatus to which they are attached fits snugly on the forearm. You can also opt for Wolverine bone claws, which refer to when the lonely wolf man aimlessly wandered the world after losing the indestructible metal bonded to his skeleton. You can find Wolverine claws on eBay where sellers offer access to a wide range of costumes and accessories that can help you get ready for Halloween or for your cosplay at the next big con.