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About Wizard of Oz Costumes

It definitely won't look like you're in Kansas anymore when you don a Wizard of Oz costume for Halloween or your next masquerade event. Follow the yellow brick road to the wonderful land of Oz and choose an ensemble inspired by the classic film. Dress up your little girl in a fluffy pink gown that makes her look pretty as a princess, or, in this case, a good witch. If you are the one going to the party, wear a Wizard of Oz Glinda costume yourself, and send little Dorothy safely back to Kansas. A host of other Wizard of Oz kids' costumes bring L. Frank Baum's world alive. Search for your heart as the Tin Man, or find your courage as the Cowardly Lion, who is not so scared after all. Joke around in a Scarecrow costume, and pretend you have no brains. Find these Wizard of Oz costumes in both new and used condition from reliable eBay sellers, and get your party on as you embody your favorite characters from the magical land of Oz.