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About Wiseco Pistons

Displaying a label like Wiseco, a product had better live up to the name. Seventy years in the business proves that Wiseco pistons deliver, particularly for off-road racing and riding. In 1940, Clyde Wiseman started making his own pistons in his garage. Soon after, his production spread to friends and beyond, and Wiseco Piston was founded in 1941. Because it is one of the few producers of forged pistons in the U.S.A., people recognize the brand in an instant. Wiseco offers a wide range of products for power sport vehicles, like ATVs, dirt bikes, street bikes, snowmobiles, and boats, and customers appreciate a vast inventory on eBay. Shoppers can find products for almost any motorcycle engine including Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Wiseco Harley pistons. Making some of the best-performing power sport products worldwide, Wiseco also offers excellent automotive pistons. Famous for engine performance on the race track, Wiseco incorporates this experience into the design of its Wiseco Toyota pistons, Honda pistons, and other sport compact brands. Whether servicing a power sport vehicle or automobile, Wiseco pistons definitely live up to their name.

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