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About Wireless Video Transmitter

With so many electronic devices competing for space, your living room can easily turn into a chaotic mess of tangled cords. A wireless video transmitter can help you keep things tidy by providing quick and easy access to your devices. A wireless HD video transmitter translates AV signals from your DVD player, DVR, IPTV, or other devices by sending an AV signal through the air using radio waves. These devices boast a long transmission range and strong resistance to interference. A wireless video transmitter allows you to enjoy high-quality video and audio throughout the house, as the signal easily passes through walls. Available from a number of top brands, these devices offer convenience that saves you the headache of using extension cords to connect DVD players or other devices in separate rooms. A wireless video camera transmitter can send your camera footage to a satellite system and then directly to your television. Most of these audio and video sets utilize plug and play technology and do not require software. The large inventory on eBay includes an assortment of transmitters for different systems and needs.

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