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About Wireless USB Camera

Nothing gives away a hidden video recording device like wires leading up to it, and cutting those wires renders the technology useless. With a wireless USB camera, you can discreetly place your device wherever you need it. Unlike some hidden cameras that require taping and then uploading, once you install the software, you can slide in the USB receiver and the video and audio stream right into your computer. These cameras are available on eBay from reliable sellers, some offering wireless security cameras with up to four channels that you can stream into one computer simultaneously, allowing you to save the footage to your computer or delete it. Features available include night vision, waterproof casing, time stamps, motion detection, and the ability to view images miles from your home from multiple angles and locations. Looking to protect your home, create an interesting movie, or keep an eye on the household while you?re away? Explore the latest technology with a wireless USB camera to protect your family and your belongings.