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About Wireless Thermostats

Whoever decided to install your home's thermostat just a few feet away from the oven in the kitchen clearly did not realize that the ambient temperature around an avid baker would trick the sensor into letting the rest of the house freeze in the winter. However, by upgrading to a wireless thermostat, you have the freedom to place the sensor anywhere in the house you feel the temperature is most representative of house-wide comfort. The large inventory on eBay includes programmable wireless thermostats from some of the biggest names in home electronic climate control. The Honeywell Wireless FocusPRO 5-1-1 programmable thermostat is easy to install without running any additional wires inside the wall. Its bright LCD screen displays both the current and the programmed temperature simultaneously, and can be linked with an outdoor sensor to display outdoor temperature and humidity as well. It runs for one year on battery power and communicates on a radio frequency that suffers no interference from other household devices. Other brands and models of wireless thermostat are networked via Wi-Fi, with software applications available that turn your smartphone or computer into a remote control for your home's climate.